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Web Technology

Web Service Solution

Dhansol's web service solutions provide a means to move towards the service oriented architecture for all our customers. Our solution integrates various online systems together to single point accessibility irrespective of the technologies that spread across your business. Our seamless integration of your systems will bring an experience that your business customers have never felt before. It seamlessly hide the details of the various system architectures and your in-detail business processes.

Intranet Solution
Dhansol's intranet solution automates your business process through various web technologies. Our well proven custom component layers will allow us to quickly build and integrate your business automation. It will provide you with a single point of maintenance and great scalability. It will allow you to integrate many different internal business applications with less effort. It will provide effortless deployment of your business specific applications to your various branch offices.

Online Solution
Dhansol's online application solutions allow business to do ecommerce on the web. Whether it is simple shopping cart application or highly complex online business application, our various custom build modules allow us to quickly build your business online and integrate with your existing applications. We have many years of experience in providing online solutions. Over the years we have grown stronger and very knowledgeable in web technologies. Our experience in various complicated implementation makes your business implementation faster and easier.

Web Sites
Web sites are a 24X7 reception area of every company. It says a lot about your company and it shows the customers how your business runs. Each and every aspect of the web site makes an impression on your customer and we want to make that impression to be your lasting commitment.

Our engineers spend a lot of time studying the industry and the latest technologies as well as the usability of web interfaces. Whether it is a simple static web page or heavy user traffic web application, we will provide a simple solution that fits perfect for your business and your need. Our experts work with you to identify the requirement and come up with eye catching and user friendly web site based on your specific need and your goals.