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Our Solutions


Dhansol's solutions range from a simple technical solution that is merely making a set of data available from one place to another; to developing highly scalable and complex systems that streamlines business process while greatly increasing the return on investment.

The involvement of each solution depends on the depth of the requirement and what exactly is needed and what direction the business is heading. Our experience in providing various technical solutions allows us to factor in all aspects in estimating and providing the solution.

We follow a unique solution model that allows our engineers to better analyze customers existing business process and their need. We formalize a staged process in identifying and providing the business solutions. We spend a great deal in making sure our solution integrates imperceptibly with our customers existing business process.

We value our success based on the impact we create on customer's business process. This measurement of our success makes sure our cutting edge solutions provide the power and tools to reduce costs and processing times in our customer's day to day business actions.

Web Solutions

Dhansol provides a wide range web solutions custom tailored to individual business needs. Whether it is a simple website development or full fletched multi-tier online business application our presence makes a unique impression on your business. It is our experience and the unique standardized techniques that we provide make that difference. Our implementation process makes sure that each portion of the solution is stable, secure and efficient.

Web presence is vital for every business but the effectiveness and security of that presence is even more important. Our experienced engineers know the differences in every web technology and what is involved in bringing that effectiveness and the security to your application in fact Web solution is one of our specialties.

IT Staffing Solutions

IT Consulting

In the Information Technology arena finding the right people with right technology skills at the right time is difficult. Even after finding those people with right skills, measuring them up to each business standards is even more difficult. You need special peoples skills to find the right resource and we do just that.

We believe that all businesses need the latest technologies to compete in this technology thrived market. As a software-consulting firm we bring the technology resources that are usually part of the major technology expense to a very considerable level to have to achieve the same exact technology that propels every business.

We provide IT consulting and technical staffing solutions to businesses that are more cost conscious. Our professional services are short and long term staff augmentation and application outsourcing. Our goal is to partner with businesses like yours to provide you with the right skills at right time.

Our Staffing Management is best optimized to attract, develop and retain excellent IT skillsets. We support all stages of the application lifecycle including analysis, architecture, design, development, testing, implementation and maintenance. We have a network with consultants and consulting firms along with our own resources of highly skilled software professionals. Irrespective of the technology skills your firm is looking for we will be able to provide you the right resource you have been looking for. We make sure that our professionals are well experienced and highly qualified. Most often our professionals are certified in the specified technology.

The following area is our primary focus of specialization:
  • Application Architecture, Development and Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Cloud Computing
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Data Architecture, Governance and Data warehousing
  • Enterprise Analytics and Reporting
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Information Management and Middleware development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Project Management
  • QA and Software testing
  • Web/e-Commerce
  • Java & J2EE

Our current onsite solution technologies are:
  • Java & J2EE
  • Microsoft .NET Technologies
  • IBM Mainframe
  • IBM WebSphere
  • Oracle
  • PeopleSoft


Dhansol’s Integration solution team brings in broad range of skills that are critical to bring together disparate systems and stream line the business processes to realize the overarching business benefits.

System Integration

Every type of integration whether it is horizontal, vertical or spokes wheel, poses challenges that are often unique for the client’s business processes and to their existing and new systems. Engineering a sustainable and scalable solution requires breadth of business knowledge and depth in technology experience.

Our unique blend of engineers with extensive technology experience and business process knowledge will be able to integrate any complex systems with measurable performance.

We have extensive experience in implementing Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions using custom Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) solution and industry standard EAI technologies.

Cloud Integration

In today’s technology evolution, Cloud technology brings in the greatest value to businesses irrespective of their size and requirement.

Cloud services removes the complex, challenging and time consuming management of business functionalities that are not core for the business, and moves to the organizations who are best at that specific functions, thus allowing businesses to focus on what they do best.

While it is great to take advantage of the Cloud, it is critical that these services integrate properly with the existing systems and business processes.

Our extensive experience in the Cloud space and system Integration will allow us to solve business problems through integrating various Cloud services where it is appropriate and ensure the integrity of the business data while Cloud hopping.

Application Development

Dhansol’s software development services include building small business specific application to scalable enterprise applications in state of the art technologies.

We have experience in building business solutions in a wide range of technology. Whether it is a web or thin client or distributed application our development will follow an established SDLC process and utilizing our existing foundational software components that allow us to quickly build the base system requirements and focus more on the business functionalities.

We develop various software in various platforms based on customer’s need and also provide professional development services either in-house or at the client’s location.

We provide quality technology services and support in building SCA and SOA based Internet, Intranet multi-tier web applications and business to business, business to customer e-commerce solutions. We also provide support and maintenance service to many Client/Server applications, Relational Database systems and Contact Management systems. We offer turnkey project development to our clients depending on their needs

The technologies we support are:
  • Java/J2EE , JavaScript jQuery JSON
  • REST , SOAP with SCA (IBM, Oracle, TIBCO) and ESBs
  • Cloud (AWS, Azure) and Big Data (Mongo, Hive, Cassandra, Hadoop)
  • Databases (DB2, Oracle, MS SQL, Open Source)
  • ETL (Informatica, Data Stage)
  • Mobile web HTML5
  • Open Source Web 2.0
  • Oracle, PL/SQL
  • SAP and Oracle ERP