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EZ Med Track

EZ Med Track is a revolutionary service based analytical software that integrates healthcare providers’ medical systems and provider public data and allows health plans, healthcare providers and health professionals to track and measure providers' efficiency and patient care quality. It analyzes every byte of data and measure key performance quality factors at multiple dimensions and provides a deep insightful analytics at various levels from a single episode view to multiple category of populations.

EZ Med Track's is designed provide, easy to understand, meaningful sophisticated analytics to compare healthcare providers’ internal performance to the industry and specialized standard care. It’s out of the box, graphic rich dashboard provides eye popping analysis that are required to measure and adjust performance for Value Based Care, Shared Saving Arrangements and Accountable Care Organization (ACO). Its easy to use interface allows the providers to easily customize the application's base analytics and build analytics that are specific to their need.


EZ Med Track has number of sophisticated capabilities that allow the application to configure and maintain the associated organizations to integrate the data together and define customer performance criteria. EZ Med Track utilizes industry standard data interfaces such as HIL, EMR, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Inpatient Quality Record (IQR), Outpatient Quality Record (OQR), HL7 and 837 Transaction sets that are readily available in all of the healthcare systems to integrate with customers’ existing systems. In addition to the customers own data EZ Med Track will integrate with public data that is available from CMS and perform powerful industry comparison analytics.

This system provides a highly accessible and multiplatform Dashboard that will also produce the number of KPIs (Key performance indicator), Dashboard view, reports and also facilitate with electronic data interface.

KPI definition will be different for each organization based on their goals for value attribution. Healthcare value attribution can be identified in collaborative care and shared services engagement, Healthcare IT optimizations and operations and business process. KPI definition will be configured within the entities and their relationships. The custom entities that are not predefined within the application would require custom implementation to define their KPI definition.

Some of the key features in EZ Med Track:
  • Track Providers efficiency, Procedure efficiency, Patient Visit history and Intensity.
  • Medical, Pharmacy (Rx) and Overall diagnosis and treatment efficiency.
  • Layered view of a single patient treatment to wide range of patient populations, Network, health plan or other customizable categories.
  • Track treatment variations on episodes to industry standards.
  • Out of the box and customizable performance opportunity indicators.
  • Track and Trend provider performance.
  • Benchmark performance against industry peers.
  • Benchmark and recommend optimized referral patterns.
  • Identify opportunities to collaboration (ACO, CAC etc.) incentives.
  • Identify in and out of network value providers for new Value based Collaboration


EZ Med Track has flexible abstract system interface that allows itself to integrate with any healthcare systems that utilizes industry standard system interfaces such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Inpatient Quality Record (IQR), Outpatient Quality Record (OQR), HL7 transaction sets, and other hospital claims data. This system interface is defined with industry standard rich technologies which provide easier integration; extensibility and flexibility dynamically change the model for complex and custom implementations.

In addition, EZ Med Track integrates with multiple source systems and interfaces using its Custom Interface Mapper (CIM) functionality. EZ Med Track’s analyzer engine transforms all of the external data into a common propriety format and run some efficient algorithms that would accurately calculate the data for various analytics. Also it will quickly convert large quantities of raw data into an intelligent, actionable and continuously updated view of your targeted populations.


EZ Med Track is highly scalable application that can easily scale to support a small provider system a very large payer systems with millions of data. Its highly unique Service Component Architecture will support collocation or distributed and cloud infrastructure where the system can span across multiple instances of the same application. It has multi-threading capabilities that will support large amount of users and the application uses parallel processing to load data into its internal data warehouse and also perform analytical functions at the same time.

The application includes reference data maintenance and some foundational system maintenance features such as archive and clear user data in order to keep the system performing at consistent throughput.