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About us

Dhansol was created in 1996, in a highly competitive market with a commitment to find the best technique in all technologies and make them available and affordable to all businesses irrespective of their sizes. Our goal is to always stand out from the crowd and we do so, with our unique ability in breaking the barriers in traditional technology overheads and bringing the right technologies to our customers doors.


In the field of information technology, everything depends on how efficiently information can be communicated. The effective communication depends on the interpretation of the communicable medium. The ingenuity in interpreting the communicable medium into meaningful information is what makes every technology unique and supersede each other. A technology is as good as the usability of its interpretation methodology and its availability, and it should be understandable by all parties that are involved in the communications. Our job is to make all technologies easier to use irrespective of their complexity.

At Dhansol we have an appreciation for all technologies and we embrace them for their innovativeness. Our mission is to learn, understand and create technologies and empower them by identifying and implementing ingenious techniques that exists within them and make every business utilize them to the best of their extent.


Creation of technology is a ubiquitous event that happens very often. But knowing their existence and their capabilities and using them productively to solve business problem is an ever challenging task. Our vision is to be the only solution provider, businesses can think of first when they are in need of any technology services to solve complex business problem and exploit the technologies to the best of its capabilities, irrespective of their size.